ABC2 Ident 'Sugar Two'


Maya, After Effects, Photoshop

I made this short (5-second) animation as the major assignment of my animation course at AFTRS. Our client was the TV station ABC2 that needed short clips to play between programs. The ident went to air, but the station has since changed their logo.

All visual elements were created by me. Modelling was done in Autodesk Maya using sub-surfaced low-poly meshes. The tree was created by baking a Paint Effects instance to a mesh, then manually adding detail and textures. The sky, distant trees and the ground in the first shot are photographs composited with the animation in Adobe After Effects. Several other pictures were applied as textures to the 3D models.

The ant's rig uses inverse kinematics for the legs and antennae. The antennae were also rigged to a softbody to provide secondary motion.

With the animation finished, the audio was added at my direction by a sound technician of the ABC.

This work is owned by AFTRS. It is licenced under standard copyright law (all rights reserved).