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One Day To Go

August 11th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’ve got just one more day left at my current job. It doesn’t feel as weird as I thought it would, but maybe that’s because I’ve been working casually for a few months.

I’m looking forward to it being over. It’s a really great place to work, and I’ll miss the people, but my opinion of patents was causing a conflict of interest. So I’m leaving the field of commercial software development and will try to become an animator instead.

I still like writing software, so I hope to have time to write free software instead. There are a number of things I’ve been wanting to write but couldn’t because my employer might have taken ownership of them. It will be so good to be free!

In case anyone from work is reading this: yes, I did disclose ideas at the time and submit a applications for external work. I’ve also been wanting to make minor modifications to existing software.

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